Performances of Milk

Kämmer Klang

Southwark Playhouse

21:00, Saturday 14 March 2009
Southwark Playhouse (external link)
Cnr Tooley St & Bermondsey St
SE1 2TF London
United Kingdom

Kämmer Klang (external link) curates an evening at Southwark Playhouse featuring music and performance pieces by Matthew Shlomowitz (external link), Adam de la Cour (external link) and Mark Knoop and performances by Sasha Milavec Davies, Lucy Railton (external link), Michael Hooper and Richmond Stockwell.

Matthew Shlomowitz When is a Door Not a Door? 200820
Mark Knoop Southwark Playhouse 2009*50
Adam de la Cour 10! 2008*5
Sasha Milavic Davies Duo 2009*5
Adam de la Cour Milk 20095
first performance
first performance of this version