Performances of Pas Seul III: rushes

Phase Portraits

Libra Ensemble

20:00, Friday 14 November 2003
Federation Hall (external link)
Victorian College of the Arts
St Kilda Rd Melbourne Victoria

The first complete performance of Chris Dench's thirty year piano cycle.

Full details of the Phase Portraits cycle can be found here.

Chris Dench Phase Portraits [more info...] 1973-2003*75
Chris Dench Pas Seul III: rushes [more info...] 1979/19967
Chris Dench mem(e) [more info...] 1997/20035


BMIC Cutting Edge 2006

19:30, Thursday 30 November 2006
The Warehouse
13 Theed St
SE1 8ST London
United Kingdom

At BMIC cutting edge, Plus-Minus presents two of everything: a pair of landmark 1960s experimental works from either side of the Atlantic by Cornelius Cardew and Robert Ashley, two piano pieces by British composers Barrett and Dench and two new works written especially for the group by Øyvind Torvund and Joanna Bailie.

Øyvind Torvund Tune park 2006*
Chris Dench Pas Seul III: rushes [more info...] 1979/19967
Robert Ashley In Memoriam Esteban Gomez (realised by Alex Waterman) 1963
Joanna Bailie double 2006*9
Richard Barrett Lost 20045
Cornelius Cardew Treatise 1963-67
first performance
first performance in Australia