Performances of Three Canons for Ursula

A Cold Trip

Miry Lied

20:00, Tuesday 15 January 2019
Miry Concertzaal (external link)
Biezekapelstraat 9
9000 Gent

Juliet Fraser and Mark Knoop like to colour outside the lines. Their programme however takes lines very seriously. Just outside the boundaries of harmony Lisa Illean (external link) interweaves three texts by Gerard Manley Hopkins into an intimate composition for voice and tape. Conlon Nancarrow, on the other hand, was fascinated by canons, the interplay of lines par excellence. He was so fascinated that at the time he needed automated pianolas to get his personal brand of hypercomplex polyphony played at all. Lastly, Bernard Lang cycle The Cold Trip traces the silhouette of Schubert’s Winterreise, based on a theme from Purcell’s King Arthur.

Lisa Illean A through-grown earth 201815
Conlon Nancarrow Three Canons for Ursula 198813
Bernhard Lang Monadologie XXXII The Cold Trip part 2 2014/1530