Performances of St. Andrew’s Lyddington


Plus Minus

19:00, Tuesday 18 December 2018
Performance Space, City University (external link)
College Building, St John Street
EC1V 0HB London
United Kingdom

Following recent forays into performative and intermedial work, Plus Minus returns to its roots with a programme of instrumental music with electronics. Four of the most refined and distinctive voices in contemporary music will be featured: Cassandra Miller (external link), Davíð Brynjar Franzson, and City composers Newton Armstrong (external link) and Georgia Rodgers. Each of these composers is concerned, albeit in different ways, with the fundaments of the compositional act and the manner in which sonic materials can be contextualised, processed, layered and transcribed.

Newton Armstrong The way to go out 201612
Georgia Rodgers St. Andrew’s Lyddington 20178
David Franzson ideation #2.1 2018*16
Newton Armstrong thread — surface 201812
Cassandra Miller Traveller Song 2017-1821

Reid School Residency

Plus-Minus Ensemble

Dialogues Festival

19:30, Tuesday 6 July 2021
West Court
Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building
Laurinson Place EH3 9DF Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Georgia Rodgers St. Andrew’s Lyddington 20178
Ioannis Panagiotou UMWELT 2021*25
Eva Aguilar Insula 2021*8
Martin Parker Spray and Pray 2021*20
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first performance of this version