Performances of Everybody doing what everybody else is doing

James Saunders Portrait

City University

19:00, Tuesday 8 April 2014
Performance Space, City University (external link)
College Building, St John Street
EC1V 0HB London
United Kingdom

Plus-Minus (external link) present a concert of recent work by one of their first ever collaborators, the British experimental composer James Saunders. This concert will include pieces investigating the sonic properties of everyday materials, musical cueing systems that explore group behaviour, and a new work especially written by James for the occasion.

James Saunders Everybody doing what everybody else is doing 2013*10
James Saunders with paper 2006/08, 2009-8
James Saunders So many territories 2014*15
James Saunders Things whole and not whole 2011, rev 201210
James Saunders Everybody do this 201410
first performance