Performances of On and Off

New Rational Music

Rational Rec

20:00, Tuesday 6 February 2007
The Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club (external link)
44 Pollard Row
E2 6NB London
United Kingdom

New Rational Music, programmed by Rational Rec's Matthew Shlomowitz and Cecilia Wee, features new works by six UK composers. The music and accompanying composer conversations draw on themes including the fragment, performance art and the experimental tradition.

Performed by Mark Knoop, Roderick Chadwick, Laurence Crane, Kwezi Edeman, Matthew Shlomowitz and Cecilia Wee. New Rational Music was supported by The Hinrichsen Foundation.

Joanna Bailie On and Off 2007*7
Paul Whitty i tried living in the real world 2007*10
Alex Hills The Fountain and the Garden 2007*10
John Lely Second Symphony 2007*7
Diana Burrell One-man band 2007*10
Christopher Fox A brief musical tribute to Harold Pinter, after the manner of his later work 2007*10


TRANSIT Festival

11:00, Saturday 27 October 2007
Leuven STUK (external link)
Naamsestraat 96
B-3000 Leuven

Plus-Minus performs at the TRANSIT New Music Festival in Leuven.

Øyvind Torvund Tune park 2006¤
Joanna Bailie On and Off 2007¤7
Stefan Van Eycken A feeling of something happening 2003
Thomas Meadowcroft A Vanity Press 200411
Damien Ricketson Same Steps 2007*10

Plus-Minus Residency

Institute of Contemporary Arts

19:00, Sunday 31 May 2009
Institute of Contemporary Arts (external link)
The Mall
SW1Y 5AH London
United Kingdom

Plus-Minus (external link) will be in residency at the ICA (external link) from 26-31 May as part of their Talk Show (external link) season, with open rehearsals and discussions daily, culminating in a concert on Sunday 31st.

James Saunders divisions that could be autonomous but that comprise the whole 2009*
Tim Parkinson Quartet 2009*
Laurence Crane Come back to the old specimen cabinet John Vigani 200712
Matthew Shlomowitz Letter Piece #5 (Northern Cities) 20096
Liza Lim INGUZ (fertility) 1996
György Ligeti Atmospheres (arranged)
Joanna Bailie On and Off 20077
Tom Johnson Trio 20058

Residency Launch Concert

Plus-Minus Ensemble

Dialogues Festival

19:30, Thursday 28 November 2019
West Court
Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building
Laurinson Place EH3 9DF Edinburgh
United Kingdom

Plus-Minus Ensemble begins its 3-year residency at the Reid School of Music with a programme featuring different approaches to electronic processing in instrumental music.

Joanna Bailie On and Off 20077
Lois V Vierk Go Guitars 198112
Lawrence Dunn Set of four 201718
Louis D‘Heudieres Laughter Studies 3 201912
Alexander Schubert Sensate Focus 201418
first performance
first performance in Belgium