Performances of Palais de Mari


17:30, Saturday 26 August 2017
Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel (external link)
3 Pilgrim’s Pl
NW3 1NG London
United Kingdom

A performance of the final pieces written for solo piano by Franz Schubert and Morton Feldman (external link), alongside Schubert’s sonate for violin and piano with Aisha Orazbayeva.

Morton Feldman Palais de Mari 198624
Franz Schubert Sonata D major D384 181615
Franz Schubert Piano Sonata B flat major D960 182840

Receiving the Approaching Memory

Principal Sound

16:00, Saturday 17 February 2018
St John’s Smith Square (external link)
United Kingdom

The music of Schubert occupied a very special place in the musical imagination of Morton Feldman (external link). Here Mark Knoop pairs Feldman’s last work for solo piano with a late Schubert impromptu. He is then joined by Aisha Orazbayeva to perform music by Bryn Harrison (external link), whose subtly shifting textures extend Feldman’s language into the 21st century.

Franz Schubert Impromptu in C minor opus 90/1 D899 18279
Morton Feldman Palais de Mari 198624
Bryn Harrison Receiving the Approaching Memory 2011-1240


Apartment House

Wigmore Hall Feldman Day

19:30, Saturday 9 January 2021
Wigmore Hall (external link)
36 Wigmore Street
W1U 2BP London
United Kingdom

Morton Feldman Palais de Mari 198624
Morton Feldman Four Instruments 196513
Morton Feldman Two Instruments 19585
Morton Feldman The O’Hara Songs 196215
Morton Feldman Durations 2 19604
Morton Feldman For Franz Kline 196216