Performances of Trio for Flute, Piano and Page Turner

The music of Crane and Oliveros

Camden Arts Centre

19:30, Saturday 9 February 2019
Camden Arts Centre (external link)
Arkwright Road
NW3 6DG London
United Kingdom

As part of an exhibition of the films of Beatrice Gibson, Manuel Zurria, flutes, and Mark Knoop, piano present music by Laurence Crane and Pauline Oliveros (external link); some sharing similar aesthetic and structural characteristics with Gibson’s output and also with the work of Gertrude Stein, on whose screenplay Gibson bases ‘Deux Soeurs Qui Ne Sont Pas Soeurs’. Exploring aspects of portraiture, repetition and duplication — exact and inexact — the music seems in many ways closely aligned to the notion of ‘the copy’ that fascinates Gibson.

Pauline Oliveros Trio for Flute, Piano and Page Turner 196110
Pauline Oliveros Portrait of Manuel Zurria 199310
Laurence Crane Piano Piece No.23 “Ethiopian Distance Runners” 200922
Laurence Crane Gli anni prog 201415