Performances of Piano and Record

Off record

19:00, Sunday 17 February 2013

Two new works derived from exact transcriptions of recordings.

Peter Ablinger Piano and Record 2012*25
Richard Beaudoin Étude d’un prélude XI—four28 2009*25

A to B

Plus-Minus at City

18:00, Tuesday 21 May 2013
Performance Space, City University (external link)
College Building, St John Street
EC1V 0HB London
United Kingdom

A concert exploring the possibilities created from interaction between live performance and digital technology. Steen­Andersen’s work turns a sonic microscope on the voice, amplifying and re-contextualising phonemes into musical phrases while Ablinger (external link) transcribes a the microvariations of a blank vinyl record for solo piano. Prins (external link) pits the live performer against a virtual avatar, blending the acoustic and digital together in a new reality. In Rodgers’ piece, a hands-on exploration of the sonic possibilities of percussion is captured and transformed by live sampling, the electronic processing enhancing and augmenting the live performance.

With Serge Vuille, percussion.

Please note 6:00pm start time!

Simon Steen-Andersen In Her Frown 2007, rev 20109
Peter Ablinger Piano and Record 201225
Stefan Prins Piano Hero #1 20119
Stefan Prins Piano Hero #2 2011, rev 20126
Georgia Rodgers A to B 201020


University of Huddersfield

19:30, Thursday 5 December 2013
St Paul’s Hall
HD1 2RD Huddersfield Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Mark Knoop presents music which challenges our conceptions of the listening environment.

Joanna Bailie Artificial Environment No.8 2012-1318
Chikako Morishita soot 2013*4
Peter Ablinger Piano and Record 201225
Pedro Alvarez VER 2013*16
Nicolaus A. Huber Beds and Brackets 199018

Record in context

20:00, Monday 20 January 2014
Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (external link)
Harvestehuder Weg 12

Peter Ablinger Piano and Record 201225
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts 2 201025
first performance