Performances of In Her Frown

Sound Source



20:00, Monday 15 October 2012
Kings Place Hall Two (external link)
90 York Way
N1 9AG London
United Kingdom

Plus Minus presents an international programme of works focused on the ways and means of producing sound and harnessing its resonance. Sound sources include rice grains falling onto a variety of different surfaces, two amplified performers using extended vocal techniques, a piano modified by live electronics, and almost nothing: the “sound” of background noise.

A new work by Alex Hills especially written for the group joins music from experimental American composer Michael Pisaro (external link), the young Dane Simon Steen-Andersen (external link) and Italians Fausto Romitelli and Agostino Di Scipio (external link).

Fausto Romitelli Trash TV Trance 200210
Simon Steen-Andersen In Her Frown 2007, rev 20109
Alex Hills After and Before 2011-12*20
Agostino Di Scipio Audible EcoSystemics n.3a (Background Noise Study) 2004-0510
Michael Pisaro ricefall 200418

A to B

Plus-Minus at City

18:00, Tuesday 21 May 2013
Performance Space, City University (external link)
College Building, St John Street
EC1V 0HB London
United Kingdom

A concert exploring the possibilities created from interaction between live performance and digital technology. Steen­Andersen’s work turns a sonic microscope on the voice, amplifying and re-contextualising phonemes into musical phrases while Ablinger (external link) transcribes a the microvariations of a blank vinyl record for solo piano. Prins (external link) pits the live performer against a virtual avatar, blending the acoustic and digital together in a new reality. In Rodgers’ piece, a hands-on exploration of the sonic possibilities of percussion is captured and transformed by live sampling, the electronic processing enhancing and augmenting the live performance.

With Serge Vuille, percussion.

Please note 6:00pm start time!

Simon Steen-Andersen In Her Frown 2007, rev 20109
Peter Ablinger Piano and Record 201225
Stefan Prins Piano Hero #1 20119
Stefan Prins Piano Hero #2 2011, rev 20126
Georgia Rodgers A to B 201020
first performance in The United Kingdom
first performance