Performances of Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant

Spectral Guises

Ensemble Offspring

19:30, Thursday 16 May 2002
Paddington Uniting Church (external link)
395 Oxford St
Sydney New South Wales

Tristan Murail Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant 198715
James Dillon Diffraction 19843
Johannes Fritsch Sul B 1972
Simone East Ex Stasis 2002*
Horatiu Radulescu Piano Sonata No 2 “being and non-being create each other” opus 82 199110
Gerard Grisey Talea 198615

Ensemble Exposé

BMIC Cutting Edge 2005

19:30, Thursday 27 October 2005
The Warehouse
13 Theed St
SE1 8ST London
United Kingdom

A fourth appearance in the BMIC cutting edge series by the experimental Ensemble Exposé, formed in 1984 by composers Roger Redgate and Michael Finnissy. They have since established an international reputation for presenting some of the most challenging and virtuosic contemporary music around. The programme will focus on aspects of 'spectral music' with work by Tristan Murail, John Croft and Brice Pauset.

Mary Bellamy Constellations 19996
Sam Hayden Recoil 200110
Michael Finnissy Jesei
Tristan Murail Treize Couleurs du Soleil Couchant 198715
John Croft serenata al cielo afflitt 2005*
Tristan Murail C’est un jardin secret 1976
Brice Pauset Huit Canons 199832
first performance in Australia
first performance
first performance in The United Kingdom