Performances of KONSERTHUSET



12:00, Monday 4 July 2016
Wednesday 6 July 2016
Karl Johansgate 45

Curated by Trond Reinholdtsen (external link), Ellen Ugelvik and Mark Knoop present a double piano recital to reinvent the genre.

Our museum is like a church, you must first have been a sinner to become saint. Only those who most radically have broken the law may be included in the archive. Here, two star pianists systematically break through the utopian, heroic modernist and esoteric piano canon of dead (or at least half-dead) composers. Including works by Bach, Cage (external link), Cowell, Feldman (external link), Huber, Ives, Lourie, Messiaen, Mossolov, Nancarrow, Poppe (external link), Radulescu, Scelsi, Schoenberg, Sciarrino (external link), Scriabin, Sorabji, Stockhausen (external link), Ustvolskaya, Webern, and Xenakis.

Trond Reinholdtsen KONSERTHUSET 2016240