Performances between 20070510 and 20070511

Val Camonica Pieces

Aphids in association with Libra Ensemble

18:00, Thursday 10 May 2007
20:00, Friday 11 May 2007
Fairfax Studio (external link)
Victorian Arts Centre
St Kilda Rd Melbourne Victoria

The Libra Ensemble, conducted by Mark Knoop, performs the Val Camonica pieces by David Young. Inspired and informed by ancient rock carvings found in Northern Italy's Camonica Valley, David Young's chamber works become a multimedia performance event: graphic notation, a new film by Louise Curham, and music conjure the fascination of civilisations past, and the intriguing ambiguity of our relationship to them.

With Cynthia Troup writer, Louise Curham film artist, Mark Knoop piano and conductor, Yasutaka Hemmi violin and the Libra Ensemble. Presented by Full Tilt at the Victorian Arts Centre.

David Young Incisioni Rupestri 20049
David Young Stile I, II, III 19967
David Young Roccia 20038
David Young Sarcophagus 20008
David Young Inventario 199910
David Young Animali 20028
first performance in Australia