Performances between 20080816 and 20080817

175 East

19:30, Saturday 16 August 2008
Raye Freedman Arts Centre (external link)
Silver Road, Epsom
New Zealand

Mark Knoop returns to New Zealand for two concerts with 175 East (external link) conducted by Hamish McKeich (external link). The programme will include Michael Finnissy (external link)’s mammoth Piano Concerto No 3.

Michael Finnissy Piano Concerto No 3 197825
Bryn Harrison Rise 200311
Laurence Crane Riis 19968
Christopher Fox Chromascope 200510
Michael Finnissy Kreuzfidel-Polka 8
Mathias Spahlinger gegen unendlich 199515
Peter Ablinger Marcel Duchamp, Gertrude Stein from Voices and Piano 1998-10