Performances between 2012 and 2013

Building Instruments

SPEEC Symposium Concert

20:00, Friday 6 January 2012
Jacqueline du Pre Music Building (external link)
St Hilda’s College
OX4 1DY Oxford
United Kingdom

The SPEEC symposium presents a concert of works by Matthew Shlomowitz (external link), Peter Ablinger (external link) and Sam Hayden performed by Mieko Kanno and Mark Knoop.

Sam Hayden Adaptations 201115
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts 201030
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Sam Hayden schismatics 200712

A to Zzz


22:00, Thursday 16 February 2012
22:00, Friday 17 February 2012
Vooruit Minard (external link)
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

The Letter Piece Company (external link) present a new show, this time about the entire alphabet.

Shlomowitz/Anaraki A to Zzz 2011-12*60

Absolutt Piano

Borealis Festival

11:30, Friday 16 March 2012
Prøvesalen (external link)
Lars Hilles Gate 3 Bergen

Mark Knoop in discussion with Michael Finnissy (external link) before the first performance of the composer’s new collection of Chorale Preludes which set, in Finnissy’s unique way, Norwegian spiritual folk-songs and late 18th century American hymn-tunes.

Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012*33

Fight the intellectual profiteers!

Ensemble Plus-Minus

Borealis Festival

20:30, Friday 16 March 2012
Logen Teater (external link)
Øvre Ole Bulls plass 6
5012 Bergen

Alongside two classic works by politically outspoken German composer Nicolaus A. Huber, Plus-Minus (external link) also present a number of works by Huber’s provocative young countryman, Johannes Kreidler (external link), whose Borealis commission Money will be premiered at this concert.

Nicolaus A. Huber Beds and Brackets 199018
Johannes Kreidler Slot Machines 20097
Johannes Kreidler Money 2012*8
Johannes Kreidler Charts Music 2009, arr 20123
Johannes Kreidler Untitled performance 3 201110
Nicolaus A. Huber Harakiri 1971, arr 201216

Last Breath

Borealis Festival

18:00, Sunday 18 March 2012
Hotel Gran Terminus (external link)
Zander Kaaesgate 6
5015 Bergen

There’s an austere but nonetheless outrageously delinquent humour to much of Reinholdtsen (external link)’s work, which hits home with greater impact than most attempts to deal seriously with the possibilities and limitations of art and the people who make it. But in presenting Faust, or the Decline of Western Music, is Borealis all but calling in the bailiffs? Will music’s decline inevitably precede its fall?

Trond Reinholdtsen Faust, or The Decline of Western Music 201145

Choral Preludes

Voix à la Maison du Peuple

19:45, Saturday 21 April 2012
Maison du Peuple (external link)
37 Parvis de Saint-Gilles
1060 Brussels

Mark Knoop presents an intriguing mix of repertoire, from Xenakis’s arborescences to Ablinger (external link)’s blending of well-known voices with the piano sound and Bryn Harrison (external link)’s mesmeric miniature. A new work by Michael Finnissy (external link) references Bach and Brahms.

Iannis Xenakis Mists 198012
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Bryn Harrison Quietly Rising 20083
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012¤33



19:30, Tuesday 1 May 2012
The Forge (external link)
3-7 Delancey St
NW1 7NL London
United Kingdom

Mark Knoop presents new works which each take existing musical material as their starting point. From de la Cour (external link)’s cut-up techniques, through Beaudoin (external link)’s microtiming, to Finnissy (external link)’s Brahms-style choral preludes based on Norwegian and American folk songs, each work proposes an intriguing method of negotiating with the past. Tickets available on the door, or book here (external link).

Richard Beaudoin nach Webern, nach Pollini 2010*8
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée 2010*9
Richard Beaudoin Now anything can hang at any angle 2011*2
Adam de la Cour Piano piece 10 2011-12*20
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 201233



Spor Festival

20:00, Thursday 10 May 2012
Granhøj Dans (external link)
Klosterport 6
8000 Århus

Mark Knoop joins Scenatet (external link) in a portrait concert of Johannes Kreidler (external link).

Johannes Kreidler Outsourcing/Fremdarbeit 200923
Johannes Kreidler Charts Music 2009, arr 20123
Johannes Kreidler Study for piano, audio and video 20116
Johannes Kreidler Money 20128

Xenakis 90th birthday

Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium

15:30, Sunday 27 May 2012
Basil Jones Orchestral Hall
140 Grey St
South Bank Brisbane Queensland

A celebration of the 90th anniversary of Iannis Xenakis’s birth with Ben Marks trombone, Tristram Williams trumpet, Graeme Jennings violin, and Mark Knoop piano, alongside students from the Queensland Conservatorium.

Iannis Xenakis Mists 198012
Iannis Xenakis Akea 198613
Iannis Xenakis Keren 19867
Iannis Xenakis Dikhthas 197914
Iannis Xenakis Eonta 1963-6420

Artificial Environments

Out Hear

20:00, Monday 18 June 2012
Kings Place Hall Two (external link)
90 York Way
N1 9AG London
United Kingdom

Luigi Nono manipulated recordings of the piano, placing them alongside the live instrument to create an original and compelling sound world; Joanna Bailie (external link) conjures an imagined situation; Newton Armstrong (external link) explores the interior detail of the instrument’s unique acoustic; Stefan Prins (external link) adds video, pitting two pianos against each other.

Stefan Prins Piano Hero #1 20119
Stefan Prins Piano Hero #2 2011, rev 20126
Newton Armstrong making one leaf transparent and then another 2012*12
Joanna Bailie Artificial Environment No.8 2012-13*18
Luigi Nono .....sofferte onde serene... 197614

Claude, Rick, Mike and John

The Red Hedgehog

16:00, Sunday 19 August 2012
The Red Hedgehog (external link)
255-257 Archway Road
N6 5BS Highgate London
United Kingdom

Carl Rosman (external link) and Mark Knoop present an afternoon of old and new music for clarinet and piano, culminating in a rarely heard version of Brahms’ clarinet quintet for clarinet and piano.

Claude Debussy Première Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano 19108
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée 20109
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model IV—la tradition française 2011*9
Michael Finnissy Marilyn, Brian, Mike and the cats 20046
Johannes Brahms Duo für Clarinette und Pianoforte nach dem Quintett opus 115 1891/189330

Letter Piece Company

Open Day: Sound Factory Feest

17:00, Sunday 9 September 2012
Concertgebouw Brugge (external link)
‘t Zand 34
8000 Brugge

The Letter Piece Company (external link) presents two quartets for dancer and musicians.

Shlomowitz/Anaraki Five Finger Discount 201020
Matthew Shlomowitz Letter Piece #5 (Northern Cities) 20096
Tom Johnson Narayana’s Cows 198916
Matthew Shlomowitz Letter Piece #3 (Australia, Bolton, Clinton, Dachshund and Echinacea) 20085
Shlomowitz/Anaraki Mixed Doubles 201020

Sound Source



20:00, Monday 15 October 2012
Kings Place Hall Two (external link)
90 York Way
N1 9AG London
United Kingdom

Plus Minus presents an international programme of works focused on the ways and means of producing sound and harnessing its resonance. Sound sources include rice grains falling onto a variety of different surfaces, two amplified performers using extended vocal techniques, a piano modified by live electronics, and almost nothing: the “sound” of background noise.

A new work by Alex Hills especially written for the group joins music from experimental American composer Michael Pisaro (external link), the young Dane Simon Steen-Andersen (external link) and Italians Fausto Romitelli and Agostino Di Scipio (external link).

Fausto Romitelli Trash TV Trance 200210
Simon Steen-Andersen In Her Frown 2007, rev 20109
Alex Hills After and Before 2011-12*20
Agostino Di Scipio Audible EcoSystemics n.3a (Background Noise Study) 2004-0510
Michael Pisaro ricefall 200418

A to Zzz

Letter Piece Company

Transit Festival

22:00, Friday 26 October 2012
15:30, Saturday 27 October 2012
Leuven STUK (external link)
Naamsestraat 96
B-3000 Leuven

The Letter Piece Company (external link) present their new show, this time about the entire alphabet.

Shlomowitz/Anaraki A to Zzz 2011-1260

Plus-Minus at City

City University

19:00, Tuesday 30 October 2012
Performance Space, City University (external link)
College Building, St John Street
EC1V 0HB London
United Kingdom

Mark Knoop and guest cellist Séverine Ballon (external link) present new solos and duos alongside two modernist masterpieces.

Rebecca Saunders study - work in progress 20126
Andrew Noble you and me and the market makes three 20128
Nicolaus A. Huber Beds and Brackets 199018
Mauro Lanza La bataille de Caresme et de Charnage 201214
Bernd Alois Zimmermann Intercomunicazione 196721

Time in the new music

17:15, Thursday 8 November 2012
John Knowles Paine Concert Hall (external link)
02138 Cambridge MA
United States of America

Mark Knoop, alongside composer Richard Beaudoin (external link), will present a performance and lecture about compositional perspectives on the experience of time in recent music.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-$
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée 20109
Elliott Carter First Diversion 19996
Richard Beaudoin Étude d’un prélude IV—Black Wires 20097
Laurence Crane Piano Piece No.23 “Ethiopian Distance Runners” 2009$22

From zerO

Durham Musicon

19:30, Saturday 1 December 2012
Durham University (external link)
United Kingdom

As part of from zerO, a five-day festival celebrating John Cage’s 100th anniversary, Lucy Schaufer and Mark Knoop present Erik Satie’s Socrate, then join the Ives Ensemble for Music for Seven.

Erik Satie Socrate — Drame Symphonique 191830
John Cage Music for Seven 1984, rev 198730
first performance
first performance in The United Kingdom
first performance of this version
first performance in Belgium
first performance in USA