Performances between 20220513 and 20220514

Plans for Future Operas

Münchener Biennale

18:00, Friday 13 May 2022
10:00, Sunday 15 May 2022
HochX (external link)
Entenbachstraße 37
81541 München

The Norwegian composer and author Øyvind Torvund creates plans for future operas and it seems extremely unrealistic that they will ever be completed. It is a presentation of numerous fragments of ideas, which all spite the laws of physics and acoustics. The soprano Juliet Fraser (external link) and pianist Mark Knoop are on the stage. They sing and play the Plans for future operas and simultaneously find themselves confronted with an abundance of projected drawings, which Torvund uses to indicate possible visualizations of future operas. Here he is examining communication phenomena, in particular those that are spatially and temporally askew. How do you converse when you aren’t in the same dimension? What kind of friendships are these that develop and are strengthened beyond the general and special relativity theories? With Torvund this is an open field where, among other things, animals and sculptures sing romantic melodies.

Øyvind Torvund Plans for Future Operas 2022*50
first performance