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Mark Knoop

London based pianist and conductor Mark Knoop is known for his fearless performances and individual interpretations. He has commissioned and premièred countless new works and worked with many respected composers including Michael Finnissy (external link), Joanna Bailie (external link), Bryn Harrison (external link), Bernhard Lang (external link), Matthew Shlomowitz (external link), Jennifer Walshe (external link) and Steven Kazuo Takasugi (external link). His versatile technique and virtuosity also brings fresh approaches to the standard and 20th-century repertoire.

Mark Knoop
photo: Yatzek

Mark performs regularly throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia and in New Zealand, South Korea, Mongolia, United States of America, Canada and at festivals including Transit (Leuven), Ultima (external link) (Oslo), Huddersfield (external link), London Contemporary Music Festival, Borealis (external link) (Bergen), Spor (Århus), Athelas (Copenhagen), and MaerzMusik (Berlin).

He performs with various ensembles including Plus-Minus (external link) (London/Brussels) and Apartment House (external link) (London), and has conducted EXAUDI (external link) (London), Scenatet (external link) (Denmark), and London Sinfonietta. His recordings of music by John Cage (external link), Richard Beaudoin (external link), Karlheinz Stockhausen (external link), Peter Ablinger (external link), and David Lumsdaine (external link) have been critically acclaimed.