Performances of Harakiri

Fight the intellectual profiteers!

Ensemble Plus-Minus

Borealis Festival

20:30, Friday 16 March 2012
Logen Teater (external link)
Øvre Ole Bulls plass 6
5012 Bergen

Alongside two classic works by politically outspoken German composer Nicolaus A. Huber, Plus-Minus (external link) also present a number of works by Huber’s provocative young countryman, Johannes Kreidler (external link), whose Borealis commission Money will be premiered at this concert.

Nicolaus A. Huber Beds and Brackets 199018
Johannes Kreidler Slot Machines 20097
Johannes Kreidler Money 2012*8
Johannes Kreidler Charts Music 2009, arr 20123
Johannes Kreidler Untitled performance 3 201110
Nicolaus A. Huber Harakiri 1971, arr 201216


Plus-Minus Ensemble

TRANSIT Festival

16:00, Sunday 27 October 2013
Leuven STUK (external link)
Naamsestraat 96
B-3000 Leuven

Plus-Minus Ensemble present Peter Ablinger (external link)’s settings of the voices of Jacques Brel, Forough Farrokzhad and Ilya Prigogine. New works by Guy De Bièvre (external link) and Bernhard Lang (external link) link with the ensemble’s experimental aesthetics. With his controversial Harakiri it seemed as if Nicolaus A. Huber was committing harakiri himself — since the very sparse composition didn’t satisfy the commissioning party, it was years before the piece had its premiere.

Nicolaus A. Huber Harakiri 1971, arr 201216
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-*
Guy de Bièvre Time Zones 2013*10
Bernhard Lang DW23: ...Loops for Dr. X 2013*20
first performance
first performance of this version