Performances of Rad


We Spoke @ Le Bourg

20:30, Wednesday 15 February 2017
Le Bourg (external link)
Rue de Bourg 51
1003 Lausanne

Enno Poppe Rad 200320
Jeppe Virenfeldt Ernst Offertorium (study of a human head) 20158
Phillippe Daerendinger Baby Baby Drum ‘n’ Bass 2017*15
Camille Alena Molly 2017*15

Vibrational Cycles 1

Tate Britain Performance

15:30, Friday 23 June 2017
Tate Britain (external link)
SW1P 4RG London
United Kingdom

Within the space of Cerith Wyn Evans’ Duveen gallery light sculpture Forms in Space... and Time, Mark Knoop has devised a programme of musical events. The choices are the result of a collaboration with the artist, who will be on hand to discuss his relationship to music and its compositional structures.

The free afternoon performance features Refrain by Karlheinz Stockhausen (external link), in which sparkling percussive sounds are blended in a ritualised performance. Enno Poppe (external link)’s Rad creates swirling textures at dizzying velocity using two microtonally tuned electric keyboards. With Gwen Rouger keyboards and Serge Vuille percussion.

Karlheinz Stockhausen Refrain 195912
Enno Poppe Rad 200320
first performance